Bubble Tea History

Bubble Tea traces its roots back to Taiwan. In the early 1980's, Taiwan was, and still is, known for its "Night Market." This hot spot for delicious snacks saw one inventive man come up with an idea of combining the popular shredded ice and tea as a nice soothing drink for the hot summer nights.

To attract more customers, the tea establishment mixed the chilled tea with fruit syrups. This concept proved to be such a success that in a short time the drink became ubiquitous throughout Taiwan. Drink makers must shake the mixed drink well to produce an even taste. During the process small bubbles would form at the top of the drink. Thus, the drink was originally recognized as "Bubble Tea". As the market expanded, shrewd entrepreneurs took these new type of drinks to the next level by introducing Tapioca into the beverage. Interestingly, the Tapioca looked like big bubbles sitting at the bottom of the drink. Hence, the drink was reinforced as "Bubble Tea".

After being featured on a Japanese TV-show, "Bubble Tea" concept quickly spread throughout Asia, and then the rest of the World. To meet local demands, Bubble Tea establishments in different countries created many variations.


Although bubble teas in Asia are generally of two distinct types: fruit-flavored tea and milky tea, in North America each of the ingredients of bubble tea can have many variations depending on the bubble tea cafe. Dream Tea created its bubble tea without any tea ingredients. To adopt the Canadian food culture, Dream Tea uses milk (soy milk is available for those who avoid dairy products) as the base for its bubble tea, which is flavoring blended with ice. The slushy smoothie-like bubble tea becomes simply addictive to many Dream Tea customers with the combination of its health benefits and the sensational tastes.

Dream Tea also serves its bubble tea hot to keep its customers warm in the freezing cold Canadian winter. And if you ever imagine mixing your own bubble tea with different flavors and choosing a particular type of milk, Dream Tea can realize your imagination with its iMix Bubble Tea.

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Currently, the last event is called "Add 1$ with your Bubble tea to get Food (limite time)." We create happy hours for every bubble tea lover.How to find the special event? please check the events page and come to Dream tea (see our location page.).

Free Bubble Tea

Do you love Bubble tea? do you want to get them freely? Here is the way that Dream Tea House gives to you guys. Every time when you buy a drink don't forget asking the stamp and when you collect 9 stamps you can get one free bubble tea or redeem $4.72 .

We are trying to build more activities to help every bubble tea lover get more free bubble tea. To Keep checking our events page, is always your best choice. :)

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