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We are working hard and playing hard.


Add 1$ with your Bubble tea to get special Food (limited time).

By Yu Zuo | 01/09/2015 Categories: happy hours, lastest events

Are you hungry? Do you want to get some bubble tea with some food in lower price? Dream tea Oliver-Square location will provide you the benefit. Now we have special combo for Monday – Sunday. Do you want to know more information? Come to Oliver-Square and White-ave location and TRY THEM! ☺

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Happy Summer time

By Yu Zuo | 01/01/2015 | Categories: fast food, tucker


Dream Tea is not only a place to working but also a family. We are working hard and playing hard. Dream tea boss invite us to his house to have a BBQ homemade party. There is a lot of fun. Do you want to join us? To visit our job page, come to apply the employee.Jump to Top


Dream Tea House Basketball Team.

By Yu Zuo | 26.01.2014 | Categories: Sports, team

Dream tea boys not only handsome but also like playing sports. They always invite each other to play basketball or doing the fitness. Hence, they feel that they are not just a group of people to work with and also they are a family and they are all brothers. Jump to Top