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August 11, 2016
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Snack that perfectly matches your Bubble Tea ———————————–…

Snack that perfectly matches your Bubble Tea
~Our Mouth Watering Snack Menu~

Fries (choice of salted/cajun/wasabi mayo) served with ketchup

Yam Fries (served with garlic aioli)

Mixed Fries (served with ketchup & garlic aioli)

Poutine (with nacho cheese, sour cream & becon)

Green Onion Cake (served with chilli garlic sauce)

Onion Rings (served with ketchup)

Spring Rolls (served with sweet chili sauce)

Chicken Fingers (served with sweet chili sauce)

Taiwan Style Fried Chicken (salt & pepper & Chinese 5 spices)

Deep Fried Chicken (choice of salt & pepper /cajun)

Takoyaki (baked wheat cake with octopus)

Fish Balls (choice of seaweed & pepper/cajun/curry)

Deep Fried French Toast (choice of peanut butter/coconut)

and more…….



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